8 Reasons your next Couples Vacation should be a Road Trip

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Road tripping is my favorite way of traveling and is a great couples vacation!

It provides a more intimate experience than flying somewhere, which is perfect for families, friends, and – of course – couples.  I also feel more connected with the land, the people, and myself when on road trip. 

This is my list of eight reasons I personally love road tripping, and why it would make a perfect couples vacation!

1. Time for Deep Conversation

Couples Vacation Baja
Photo by Same New Love – Baja, California, Mexico

I have always gone on road trips with a travel companion.  I have traveled with both Imani and close friends, and the conversation is always a highlight. 

On my most recent road trip and longest road trip (20,000 miles!), Imani and I left D.C. on August 1st. Our first stop after leaving D.C. was Nashville, TN.  It was about a 12 hour drive and we talked the entire time. For the first time in months we had a large chunk of time where it was just the two of us, without anything else to do and no distractions.  We talked about everything under the sun.

Opportunities like these can strengthen any relationship. I often find that in the hustle and bustle of life, I don’t get to spend quality, uninterrupted, focused time with the people I love.  And while the time alone can be wonderful and meditative, the quality time with a significant other or close friend is often my favorite part of the trip. 

2. A Sense of Freedom

Couples Vacation Road Trip
Photo by Same New Love – The Sign Post Forest on the Alaska-Canada Highway

When I get behind the wheel and hit the road at the beginning of a road trip, I feel an intense sense of freedom.  I’m in control of where I am going and I can decide when and where to stop. It is in stark contrast to so much of life where your choices are constrained by those around you.  This sense of freedom is a liberating feeling that I do not experience in many other spaces. Sharing this sense of freedom with Imani reminds me of when we first started dating and the “we can take on anything” attitude we had.  

3. Watching the Geography Change

Photo by Same New Love – Sunrise over the Grand Tetons

While I am driving, I love watching the geography change.  I can literally watch the world change around me. The plains change to rolling hills to mountains and then back again.  This perspective is absent when you fly. The slow change makes me feel connected with the world around me.  

4. The Food

Road Trip Food
Mmmhhh…Caribbean food!

Imani and I are both foodies, and we love tasting the regional cuisine on our couples vacations!  Road trips are a great way to experience many different kinds of food. I enjoy stopping at the mom and pop spots that you come across in small towns. You can get a taste of the regional culture and eating like a local is a great way to feel connected to your surroundings, even if you are just passing through. Trying new food on a road trip is a great way of having a new experience with your partner.   

5. Choose your own Adventure

Couples Vacation Road Trip
Photo by Same New Love

Couples vacations to more popular destinations can seem a bit impersonal to me. It can feel like you are doing what every other couple is. Road trips are a great way to forge your own path with your partner. I am always changing my mind on road trips.  When you are the navigator, you can change your route on a whim. There might be a different location I want to check out or a more beautiful path that someone recommended.  The ability to embrace my changing preferences is empowering and road tripping reminds me that I need to embrace my preferences in other aspects of my life.  

6. Meeting New People

Meeting new friends

You meet so many different people while road tripping.  Whether it’s locals or other travelers, you have the opportunity to converse and engage with people from many different backgrounds.  I am always astounded by the hospitality that strangers will demonstrate, and some of the best travel advice and tips have come from people I have met while on the road.

7. Time with your Partner

Time with your partner

In today’s world, it can be hard to get quality time to spend with your romantic partner. It seems as if there is always something occupying your attention. A road trip is the ideal couples vacation for getting quality alone time with your partner without any distractions. Long hours on the road or quiet time in nature without distraction provide the opportunity for great conversation and beautiful shared moments.

8. Cutting out the Clutter

Packing for a Road Trip
Packed for the road!

Whenever I go on a road trip, I try to only pack the essentials.  Leaving behind most of my material possessions allows me to focus on the present, and this experience serves as a reminder that I do not need many of the things that I possess and what really matters is the person I am with.

In today’s world, material possessions can become so distracting and the reminding yourself of the important of people, specifically your partner is a great benefit of going on a road trip with your romantic partner.

If you are ready to go on a road trip but need some gear suggestions, check out my article on essential road trip gear.

Would you take a road trip as your next couples vacation? Comment below! 

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