8 Surprises for the Perfect Romantic Date

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Planning a romantic date with your partner can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking.  These eight surprises can make your next romantic date a perfect one, without breaking the bank. 

There can be a lot of pressure to plan a perfect romantic date.  People always brag about what they are doing on social media, and businesses are alway advertising “perfect date ideas”.  What’s even more frustrating is that so many of the “perfect romantic date ideas” are so expensive that you need to take out a loan or give up your first born child in order to afford them.

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Last time I checked, money can’t buy love.  A romantic date should be a reflection of your love and appreciation for your partner.  You can use money to buy some fantastic experiences, but a surprise that comes from the heart will always steal the show.

My 8 surprises can help you plan the perfect romantic date, but you are going to have to put in some effort.  You will need to use your own skills, what you know about your partner, and some time and effort in order to make them happen. 

These suggestions are not one size fits all; use what you know about your partner to pick the surprise you think they will appreciate the most! 

1. Make the date itself a surprise

What’s great about this surprise is you don’t have to do anything different than you would on a “normal” date, except keep it a secret. 

Fully plan out a romantic date.  It could be a tried and true dinner and movies or whatever your favorite couples activity is.  Make sure you plan it for a night that you are both free or consider asking your partner to clear their schedule one evening in advance.  On the night of the date, whisk away your partner on your surprise date.   

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2. Deliver flowers or a gift basket

Many people love public displays of affection (within reason of course). Surprise your partner before your next romantic date with flowers or a gift basket. 

Flowers can be cliche but are still a great choice if you know your partner loves flowers (bonus points for making the gift basket or flower arrangement yourself). 

I would recommend sending this to your partner’s work.  Not only will it get them excited for the upcoming romantic date, but the curiosity it will generate will make your partner feel extra special. 

You can do this the day of the date or you could include a card with the flowers/gift basket asking them on the date.  

3. Share a list of 10 things you love / appreciate about your partner

This is another surprise that requires your time, not your money.  

As you are planning your next romantic date, write down a list of 10 things you love and/or appreciate about your partner.  Periodically during your date, stop and share one of those 10 things with them (bonus points if the date activity/location matches up with some of the things you appreciate about your partner).

4. Make a slideshow of your favorite couples photos

If you have been together with your partner for some period of time, the two of you probably have more photos together than you care to count. 

Go through all of those couples photos you have taken, pick out your favorites, and put them in a slide show. On your next romantic date, share the slideshow with your partner and explain why you picked each photo and what the photos mean to you (bonus points for projecting them in a public space if your partner would like that).   

5. Plan a photoshoot

Romantic date

Pick a location on your date to do a photoshoot.  Get all dressed up and surprise your partner during the date by staging the photoshoot.  This doesn’t have to be done with a professional photographer or a fancy camera.  Whip out your phone and start snapping pictures. Not only will this make them feel special but taking pictures (especially portraits) of your partner can be an incredibly intimate experience.  This doesn’t have to be serious, have fun with it!   

6. Plan a scavenger hunt

Make your partner do some (fun) work! 

Plan out your next romantic date and then leave some clues around your house or apartment.  Give your partner the first clue.  Before the two of you can go on the date, your partner has to complete the scavenger hunt and find all the clues about your date. 

Depending on what you are going to do on the date, each clue could lead them to a piece of clothing or an item they will need on the date.  Chocolate also works.   

There is more to planning scavenger hunts than meets the eye.  Check out this article for some tips

Romantic date

7. Write a love letter

Love letters may seem a bit old school, but they are always a hit. 

You don’t have to be long distance to write a love letter either.  Before your next date, spend some time writing a love letter to your significant other (bonus points for writing it by hand).  On your next romantic date, share the letter with your partner at the opportune time.  Make sure you bring some tissues.

If you have never written a love letter before and need some help, the Spruce has some great tips.    

8. Create a piece of art about your partner or relationship 

This is another surprise that takes more time than money.  Pick an art form you are comfortable with and create a painting, poem, song, short story etc. about your partner or relationship. 

During your next romantic date, give your partner the piece of art as a gift.  The best part about this surprise is that you don’t have to be a good artist.  As long as you put time and effort into the piece of art, your partner will love and appreciate the gesture.  

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Whatever you end up doing on your next romantic date, remember it is not about the amount of money you spend.  It is about the thought and effort you put into the date.  There will always be someone doing something more extravagant or over the top, so don’t bother comparing.  Your partner is with you and not anyone else.  So be yourself, focus on your partner, and surprise them with a thoughtful surprise on your next romantic date.

Let me know what surprise you want to try out on your next romantic date in the comments below.  

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