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6 Tips for Narrowing Down your Post-Quarantine Couples Trip Dreams

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What you take away from this “post-quarantine trip” article may depend on your current health status, location, and travel restrictions going to your preferred destination and/or leaving/returning to your home destination. Please follow your national and local rules regarding COVID-19 and don’t make uninformed decisions. And if you haven’t already done so, I would recommend looking at my tips for minimizing COVID-related travel risks first.  Understanding these risks and taking steps to minimize them are the first step in post-quarantine travel planning.

Let’s face it, we are all getting a little cabin fever. 

Covid has not only trapped many people inside their homes, but it has put a hold on many of our travel plans.  That might mean that your next couples trip ideas have continued to pile high, with dreams of going to dozens of different places at this point (or anywhere but home). But of course, you can’t be everywhere at once, and your partner may have additional ideas on where to explore.

Thus, I’ve provided 6 tips (and 3 tools) to help you and your partner narrow down the possibilities and get the most out of your post-quarantine trip, whenever that may be. 

And if you’re in a situation that does not allow for travel at all in the foreseeable future, grabbing your partner and putting your daydreams down on paper will at the very least give you something to do.

After you have figured out what risks you feel comfortable taking (or not), onto the fun part!

Post-Quarantine Trip Brainstorming Tips: 

1. Identify what kind of trip you both are looking for

What type of trip are you looking to go on? What about your partner? It may seem simple but it really is the golden question.  After being stuck in quarantine, you may be thinking “I’M READY FOR ANYTHING AS LONG AS IT’S NOT HERE!”

Post-quarantine trip

While I sympathize with this sentiment, I would encourage you to consider whether you want relaxation, fun and excitement, or a little bit of both.   

2. Plan your post-quarantine trip around a specific activity

Is there a particular activity you and your partner have been missing something fierce during quarantine? Maybe it’s sitting on a beach, going on a hike, or drinking a coffee in a city square.  Which of these seems most satisfying to you at the moment?  If there is a particular activity that seems more appealing than the rest, center your trip around it.  

Just don’t get too excited for the beach

3. Check off a shared bucket list item 

Covid caught all of us off-guard, and we’re still waiting to find out what the long term consequences may be.  If you can take advantage of some item on your adventure to do list – perhaps doing an exciting local activity like rafting/skydiving/sailing/finally hiking that mountain – now may be the perfect opportunity!

4. Avoid tourist “hot spots”

As tourism begins to ramp up and more countries open their borders, many people are once again going to want to go to the most famous places. 

Think about expanding your search to something off the beaten path. You are more likely to have a more intimate experience at a less popular destination and, as an added plus, fewer people around may decrease the risk of contracting Covid.  

Some locations to consider (depending on their travel restrictions for your country) are: Iceland, New Zealand, Georgia, Republic of the Congo, Slovenia, and the Andaman Islands. 

5. If you can’t fly, consider a road trip

If you are either afraid of putting yourself at risk in an airplane, or are barred from flying to your top choices given Covid restrictions, consider a road trip!

Road trips are an ideal way to travel if you want to mitigate many of the risks associated with travel at this time, and it’s an intimate way to spend ample time with your partner. Please be mindful of social distancing rules and Covid regulations for each new town your cross.

Post-quarantine trip

6. Think big (as in, big discounts!)

As the world reopens, there is a lot of opportunity to travel on the cheap.  There are flights, lodging, and excursions available at mega discounts.

Post-quarantine traveling would be a great opportunity to go on a trip or book an activity that was previously outside of your price range. 

For example, Imani and I are going on an excursion to Komodo National Park for three days.  Normally the cost of this trip would be over $500/person and we are doing it for $75/person! Don’t be afraid to think big as you begin post-quarantine travel planning.    



Scott’s Cheap Flights – Scott’s Cheap Flights sends out weekly emails with specific flights that are currently at a huge discount.  The catch is that the deals don’t always last very long (sometimes less than a few hours).  But this is a great tool if you are flexible with where you want to go, or already know where you want to go and are willing to wait for a good deal.  

Hopper – Hopper is a great tool once you have a couple of destinations in mind.  It tells you how the current price of the flight compares to the average price. It also lets you know if you should book now or wait. Hopper can also be used for hotel stays.   

Google Flights – Google flights is another tool to compare the cost of flights.  You can save specific flights, keep track of costs, and get alerts about your saved flights.  


Airbnb – Figuring out where you can stay social distanced from others is a bit nerve-racking as well. If you haven’t yet tried renting a private stay on Airbnb, now could be a good opportunity to do so! A private Airbnbis safer than a hotel, and many are offering huge discounts as well.  If there isn’t a discount posted, don’t be afraid to message the owner and ask for one.  Imani and I saved close to 90% on the AirBnB we stayed in during lockdown in Bali. And if you sign up from this link, you’ll get $65 off your first trip!

I hope these tips help you narrow down your options, as well as start turning your daydreams into reality.   

While you are weighing all the different options, remember that this can be a fun activity!  Daydreaming and imagining yourself on your vacation is a great way to escape from quarantine (even if just for the moment) and it is a fun activity to do with your partner. 

If you are set on going on a trip but planning a trip in these uncertain times feels overwhelming, check out our travel planning services.  

Let me know where you decided to travel in the comments below!  

Loving the old; exploring the new,


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