8 Cute Couples Halloween Costumes (Steal Our Ideas!)

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Halloween is soon approaching, so if you and your significant “boo” are still trying to decide your couples Halloween costumes for Hallo-weekend, you better get on it!

Halloween costumes don’t have much, if anything, to do with what we preach here – transparency, exploration, and continuous renewal… BUT it IS a lot of fun to dress up with your partner for halloween, so we figured it was worth it to write up a quick piece on our past couples Halloween costumes and just let you steal our ideas if you like any of them!

Better than rolling up to that (perhaps smaller, perhaps social distancing-enforced) party with a last minute costume where one partner has the word “ceiling” written on their shirt and another is dressed as a “Number 1 *fan*”.

But without further ado, here are the 8 Couples Halloween Costumes we’ve worn over the years:

1. Sriracha and Chinese Takeout

Maybe this Halloween costume was only deemed appropriate because John is part Chinese, but we thought it was hilarious and – best of all – super easy to find online (my outfit) and create (John’s outfit).

You can also switch it up and do other paired food items that you prefer (e.g. waffle and syrup, pasta and sauce, cheese and crackers, you get the idea…).

2. A Pirate and his “Booty”

Couples halloween costumes a pirate and booty

To dress up like a pirate, you can buy a simple pirate’s kit (sword, scarf, eyepatch), then get a striped shirt and a vest (or no shirt at all, pirates don’t really care anyway).

To dress up like treasure, get creative and get shiny! I (for some reason) already had that gold jacket and that shiny crop top, as well as those beads from Mardi Gras. So I simply bought gold tape to decorate other clothing items and look as “treasure”-like (or “booty”-like, if you will) as possible.

3. Bonnie and Clyde

This costume worked well for us because of our names (heh), but even if your names don’t rhyme, Bonnie and Clyde is an easy costume that you probably only will need to rummage through your (or, even better, your parents’) closet for, then purchase a toy guns for.

4. King and Queen of Hearts

Couples halloween costumes king and queen of hearts

This couples Halloween costume was very appropriate for Halloween in Vegas, but we think it could work just as well anywhere. Once again, Imani was lazy and simply bought her costume, while John got crafty and made most of his (all of those sewn on hearts… *round of applause*).

5. Eggs and Bacon

Couples halloween costumes eggs and bacon

A classic. This is not so “creative” or “unique”, but definitely a crowd pleaser.

6. Panda and Bamboo

You’ve probably seen a ton of people wear animal onesies for halloween because they are simple, cute, relatively inexpensive, and oh-so-comfortable. But why not make it a couples costume by pairing it with something associated to the animal?! We came up with “A Panda and his Bamboo” but you could also try “a cat and a mouse”, a “rabbit and a magician”, a “horse and a rider”, or even a bear and his honey (see option 8)!

7. Beyoncé and Jay Z (or choose another celebrity couple!)

Dressing up as real people can be hit or miss in terms of public costume recognition, but this was definitely one of our favorite couples halloween costumes!

We obviously look much, much tackier than Beyoncé and Jay Z actually look in the Apesh*t video, but trying your best to recreate a look is where all the fun is at, regardless of the outcome. If Beyoncé and Jay Z just doesn’t work for you, perhaps try another celebrity couple!

8. A Bear and his Honey

Couples halloween costume bear and honey

Once again we went with the animal + associated animal item (mostly because we got lazy last year). But it was cute enough to be featured on PopSugar, so there’s that.

Best part? It’s sweet and simple. You definitely won’t have to break the bank for this one, especially if you already have brown/yellow clothes. Just get your hands on some face paint and a printer, and you’re good to go!

Have other couples Halloween costumes in mind? Share them in the comments below!

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