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Celebrate Your Relationship: 10 Questions to Ask Your Partner

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If your relationship is feeling frustrating and stale – or you’re looking for a fun, easy way to bond – or you’re just bored right now – it may be the perfect time to look back, reflect, and celebrate your relationship.  

Celebrate your relationship

Every relationship has its rough patches.  Unlike the movies, it’s not all sunshine and roses.

And it can be easy to forget the growth and progress that has occurred in your relationship.  It’s far too easy to be caught up in the current moments or the next steps without any appreciation for where you and your partner were – what the two of you have accomplished in your relationship. But failing to take the time to appreciate your relationship and how it has grown can make the hard times in your relationship even more difficult than they have to be. 

Taking a minute (or five) to focus on the bright side and celebrate your relationship can remind you why you are with that person, and why you put up with all their quirks and oddities that may drive you nuts from time to time.  This appreciation can then help you weather the storm and get through times of uncertainty.  Ask your partner (and yourself) these questions, and see where the conversation goes.  

1. At the beginning of our relationship, could you envision our current relationship, or did it end up becoming something entirely different/better than what you expected? 

Reminiscing about the beginning of your relationship is always a great way to ground any conversation about the positive growth and change that has occurred since you got together with your partner.  

2. How has our relationship changed since we first got together? 

This question might lead you to celebrate a positive change, or it might remind you of something you would like to reincorporate into your relationship. 

3. What is something you are proud of accomplishing, both in the relationship and outside of the relationship? 

Identifying and acknowledging your accomplishments in and outside of a relationship is a great way to celebrate each of you separately, as well as your time together, and how that individual and relationship growth interacts.

Celebrate your relationship

4. Is there anything in the past that concerned you about our relationship but no longer worries you?

No relationship is perfect, and reflecting back on challenges that may have concerned your partner in the past (but no longer does) is a great way to celebrate.  Plus this can be a great opportunity to poke fun at your prior self.

5. How do you think you have grown within our relationship? 

Celebrating your own personal accomplishments is an important part of celebrating your relationship.  Give yourself credit where credit is due.  

6. What is your favorite memory of our relationship?  

This is a great question to ask if you and your partner haven’t been getting along recently.  Remembering the best moments you have had together can help you focus on what made those moments great and help you get back to feeling that way about each other.  

7. What is something that we have done together that you appreciate? 

When you are in a relationship, it may seem like you do everything together and it can make many moments seem mundane.  That doesn’t mean they are not meaningful.  The answer to this question can help you celebrate an action or activity that might otherwise be forgotten or overlooked.  

8. How do you think we support each other? 

Helping your partner through difficult times is one of the most rewarding parts of being in a relationship.  It is also one of the most difficult.  Celebrating your support for one another is a great way to continue this habit.  You might also learn something from the response and realize that your partner may like a specific kind of support.  

Celebrate your relationship and support each other

9. How has our relationship positively influenced you? 

Your romantic partner is probably one of the most influential people in your life.  Celebrate how they have positively influenced you!  

10. What do you think is something that we could improve in our relationship?

After answering all these questions about celebrating your relationship and the growth that has occurred.  Start thinking about the future.  How can you continue this habit of celebration in the future?  

I hope these questions have given you and your partner something to celebrate.  Like I said, relationships are hard and every couple should celebrate the hard work and effort it takes to sustain a relationship.  

How do you celebrate your relationship? Let me know in the comments below.  

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Loving the old; exploring the new,


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