But Wait…

Is He Even Worth It?

You’re racking your brain and losing sleep,
but is he even the right guy for you?

Should you keep it going?
Is this really what you want?

Take my quiz to see if he’s worth your energy (or if it’s time to move on).

Choose Yourself First

Discover the power of realignment and conscious choices to create a self-trusting, self-confident love life.

My goal is to help you:

trust your decision-making at any stage in your love life
build confidence about who you are and what you deserve
tackle people-pleasing behaviors
shift unhelpful habits
advocate for your needs
✔ enforce your boundaries

understand what a good relationship looks like
learn to recognize red flags early on
avoid toxic relationships in the future
✔ attract happy, healthy love

About Me

Hello there! My name is Imani Ifedi, and I help whole-hearted, growth-minded women realign, rebuild self-trust, and make conscious choices to create more confident, empowered love lives.

My focus is on women who tend to put themselves second, date walking red flags, or lose themselves in relationships.

I unite logic with love, and I support women in navigating dating and relationships – as well as their relationship with themselves – thus feel more confident, authentic, and self-assured in this space.


Over the last 9 years in my relationship, I have learned so much about love, and the concepts of self-trust, self-advocacy, and conscious choice have played huge roles in this growth.

By learning how to confidently express our needs, my husband and I have continuously sparked more meaningful conversations, reset our boundaries, reshaped incongruent habits, revealed our deepest desires, rethought outdated beliefs about love, and recreated our ideal love life. Our “Same New Love.”

I’ve reprogrammed. I’ve grown. And I’m so grateful for the love we share.

But I’ve also recognized more and more that not every woman experiences this kind of love, and many women have given up on it entirely.

And I get it.

It’s discouraging to not trust your decisions for the future because you’ve been hurt in the past.

It’s disempowering to get into crappy relationships one after the other.

It’s challenging to not know what you want because you haven’t seen or experienced a decent partnership.

It’s upsetting to feel like you have to lower your standards to find a good partner.  

But you don’t have to.

If this resonates with you, let’s chat.

Same New Love
3-Month Coaching Program

You have trouble trusting yourself when it comes to dating and relationships.

Your choices in men have historically kind of sucked (#realtalk), but you don’t know how to raise your standards, or what a good relationship even looks like.

You struggle with people-pleasing behaviors and find it hard to advocate for your own needs in relationships.

You find it challenging to identify, set, and enforce boundaries, which often leads to feeling resentful or taken advantage of.

You tend to lose your sense of self in relationships and want your power back — once and for all.

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Head, Heart, and Gut Alignment in Dating & Relationship Decisions

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