But Wait…

Is He Even Worth It?

You’re racking your brain and losing sleep,
but is he even the right guy for you?

Should you keep it going?
Is this really what you want?

Take my quiz to see if he’s worth your energy (or if it’s time to move on).

You deserve the best

Same New Love helps women feel empowered in their love life.

My goal is to help you:

know your worth
raise your standards
feel validated in your desires
identify what you want and why
identify what you DON’T want and why
understand what a good relationship looks like; and what a bad one does too
request what you want at any stage of the relationship

About Me

Hello there! My name is Imani Ifedi, and I help women feel more empowered in their love lives and improve their relationship with relationships.

I also help women self-advocate, learn how to speak their truth at any stage in or out of a relationship, leave when a relationship is not serving them, and more.

Over the last 8 years in my relationship, I have learned so much about love, and self-advocacy has played a huge role in this growth.

By learning how to speak our truth and express what we wanted, my husband and I have continuously sparked more meaningful conversations, reset our boundaries, reshaped incongruent habits, revealed our deepest desires, and rethought outdated beliefs about love.

I’ve healed, I’ve grown. And I’m so grateful for the love we share.

But I’ve also recognized more and more that not every woman experiences this kind of love, and many women have given up on it entirely.

It’s disempowering to get into crappy relationships one after the other.

It’s challenging to not know what you want because you haven’t seen or experienced a decent partnership.

It’s upsetting to feel like you have to lower your standards to find a good partner.  

But you don’t have to.

If you resonate with these sentiments, let’s chat.

1-on-1 Coaching Program

Your choices in men have historically kinda sucked (#realtalk), but you don’t know how to raise your standards, or what a good relationship even looks like.

You tend to get tied up in wish-washy situation-ships and don’t know how to navigate them with confidence.

You tend to hold back from being upfront and sharing your truth — or have trouble understanding what your truth even is.

You tend to lose yourself in relationships and want your power back — once and for all.

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